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You can find many educational opportunities in Guatemala. Language schools allow you to learn Spanish in an academic credit setting, or just in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Spanish & Maya Language Programs

  • Academia Guatebuena - Dedicated Spanish school in Antigua. Overview of language teaching mission.

  • Casa de Espanol - Spanish, Latin American literature and Maya languages immersion program with homestay in Quetzaltenango.

  • Celas Maya Spanish School - A non-profit institution based in Quetzaltengo, with Spanish language programs and Internet service in support of alternative solutions to the education problems of the highlands Maya.

  • Centro Bilingüe Amerindía - Study Spanish and Maya Languages in Quetzaltenango.

  • Centroamerica Spanish Academy - Learn Spanish quickly and efficiently in Antigua.

  • Educación para Todos - Non-profit one-on-one intensive Spanish language and cultural immersion program that offers classes, homestays, activities and trips. All proceeds fund development projects in rural communities.

  • Escuela de Español Sakribal - In Quetzaltenango, provides language training while serving as a conduit for positive development in the community.

  • Español por la Salud Spanish School - A Spanish school in Antigua with a full immersion learning system but with a social project focused in take medical attention to children in rural area of Guatemala.

  • Guatemalensis Spanish School - Total immersion in the Spanish language including exciting outdoor activities such as: mountaineering, rock climbing, biking, swimming, cultural activities, excursions, hiking and trekking.

  • Guatemaya Spanish School - Located at Antigua and Panajachel, hightlighting different aspects of Guatemalan culture. Customized programs, cultural programs, free activities, workshops and homestays.

  • Juan Sisay Spanish School - Quetzaltenango, Guatemala - Intensive instruction of the Spanish language in a friendly, comfortable and professional environment.

  • La Academia de Espanol Sevilla - Total spanish language and culture immersion for beginners and experienced students, with accommodations in guest houses or local family stays in Antigua.

  • La Hermandad Educativa - Spanish language schools in Guatemala. Information on classes, location, and schedules.

  • Learn Spanish - Private and individualized Spanish classes in Antigua.

  • Madre Tierra Spanish School - Die Sprachenschule für Spanisch in Guatemala / Quetzaltenango

  • Miguel Angel Asturias - Total immersion Spanish program with one-on-one instruction five hours a day. Live with a Guatemalan family, learn the politics and culture of Latin America, and participate in projects to improve conditions.

  • Proyecto Linguistico XXI - Private Spanish teachers in Antigua offering intensive one-on-one instructions for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Homestays with local families, airport pickup, and cultural activities available.

  • Spanish School ICA, Quetzaltenango. - Spanish language one-on-one and cultural programs, activities, reforestation project, bilingual education, in Quetzaltenango.

  • Tecun Uman Spanish School - Providing a variety of intensive and flexible programs in Antigua, for acquiring functional fluency in Spanish and introduction to Guatemalan culture.

  • Yum Kax High - An educational tours and Spanish immersion program for high school, university students and teachers in Quetzaltenango.

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